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Portable 5000

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The Dragon Winch Portable 5000 is recommended for Boats & Marine and Forestry. Durable and tough due to superior materials and construction methods, the Portable 5000 provides a robust and reliable winching solution in all weather conditions and environments. It is capable of pulling up to 5,000 lb (2,268 kg / 2.3 t). The Portable 5000 comes with a 9m of 5mm Steel Cable with Clevis Hook fed through an Aluminium Fairlead, which are all included. The winch is controlled with a Wired Hand Controller. The Portable 5000 comes in a 12v option only. The winch comes with a two-year return-to-base warranty.


Spanning: 12V
Motor: 2,9 pk
Trekkracht: 5000 lbs / 2265 kg
Rem: wrijvingsrem
Lengte van de staalkabel: 9 m
Gewicht: 24 kg
Totale afmetingen270 mm x 280 mm x 235 mm

In de doos:

x1 Liertouw
x1 trekhaak
x1 Bedrade handbediening
x1 Instructiehandleiding
x1 voedingskabel

Te gebruiken voor:

Kleine terreinwagens
kleine quads